Agent Tcl

This page provides an overview of the Agent Tcl system.

*Agent Tcl is a transportable agent system.

* The transportable agents are written in the Tool Command Language (Tcl) which was created by Dr. John Ousterhout. Tcl is an embeddable scripting language that is highly portable, highly popular and freely available.

* The agents migrate from machine to machine using the jump command. Execution resumes on the destination machine at the statement immediately after the jump (modifications to the Tcl core allow the capture of the complete internal state of an executing script).

* In addition to migration Agent Tcl supports

* Each agent on a particular machine has a unique integer id and a unique symbolic name. Agents specify a recipient agent by specifying the recipient's machine and either the recipient's integer id or the recipient's symbolic name.

An example of an Agent Tcl agent is the who agent which migrates from machine to machine and executes the UNIX who command on each machine.

* Alpha release 1.2 of Agent Tcl is available for public use and can be downloaded here. This release includes all of the features listed above except for the two marked "internal release only".

* Agent Tcl is far from complete. The immediate future consists of adding:

* The long term future consists of addressing six open research problems.

* Agent Tcl has two components.

More information on the Agent Tcl architecture is available here and in the Agent Tcl publications.

Last Updated 1/27/97

The D'Agents Project ended in approximately 2003. The software, and this web site, is no longer maintained. For questions please contact David Kotz.